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help w/ VIPER 330V

Guest mastercaster

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Guest mastercaster

I had a 330v put in my '05 f250 superduty to work with the stock keyless entry. woked fine for a couple of weeks, but the last week or 2 I get false alarms. seems to be totally random. it is almost always right after I arm the system. a couple seconds later it just goes off full blast with no warning at all. the only thing I did since I had it installed, was hook it up to the horn rather than the siren. like I said worked fine for a while. is there a way to reset these things to default or something? now when I go in to turn the arm/ disarm chirps off it won't let me. it just honks several times and won't change. any help is greatly appreciated. thanks

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it sounds like the remote has gotten wet, or damp, or just worn out

does it do it with both remotes?

if so... you may be holding the arm button too long

which could cause it to go into "panic"


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Guest enthusiast

Mastercaster, the fact you are having problems with the Viper 330V should come as no surprise. This system is identical hardwarewise to the Hornet 727T -- only the branding badge differs. Interestingly, the Viper branded system carries a higher SRP, due to the brand alone (again, the hardware is the same). Anyway, the 330V/727T hardware is only a minor update to the problem-plagued Hornet 700T. The fundamental problem that caused the 700T to fail remains in the new hardware.

The entire concept behind the functionality of these DEI "keyless upgrade security" systems is flawed. Consider these points about the 330V/727T:

1) Must learn lock & unlock signals separately.

2) You have to consider 3 different keyless systems, per the DEI manual.

3) Requires you to connect a Disarm Defeat Wire.

4) No intelligent signal monitoring, which is why an adapter is included (see page 17 of the 330V installation guide).

5) Only can deal with HI or LO signal states.

If there was nothing better out there, then you would just have to learn to live with these problems. But the fact is, there is a better keyless upgrade security system, from a company in Japan: KIRAMEK. I have personally installed and used their VISION 1440S+ system, which is outstanding.

With the Vision 1440, you don't have to learn lock and unlock separately -- you just learn the signal of the vehicle. And since the Vision system has an intelligent computer controller, signal length doesn't matter and you don't need any adapter like DEI tries to force down your throat. The 1440 can learn up to 3 different keyless signals used in the same car! (A lot of modern vehicles are starting to do this.) Vision doesn't require you to connect a Disarm Defeat wire because it isn't needed in the 1440. And the 1440 can handle, HI, LO and floating signals just fine.

KIRAMEK posts some high retail prices, but if you email them they will email you back with a discount price. According to their FAQ, they don't post discounts for fear their Japanese dealers would revolt! I have recommended these guys in other forums and some people write back claiming that the Vision plastics don't look as cool as DEI, or that Vision isn't well known like DEI/Viper/Hornet. Honestly, do you need something to look cool when you'll never see it? And the fact remains, you want something that works reliably all the time in your car, not something that simply sells on brand alone. These Japanese guys really know their stuff, and with most everything being made in China now days, you're hardpressed to find quality like this. That's my experience anyway.

In the end, you're better off selling that DEI keyless "upgrade" system on EBAY and use the proceeds to buy a Vision 1440S.

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Guest georger

I have a 2001 volkswagen eurovan camper I want to add an alarm to. would prefer to use the existing remote and am considering the vision system MODEL REVISION

The VISION 1440S has been upgraded as of Autumn 2006. The model number has been changed to 1440R. This information has only been updated on our Japanese web pages so far, and we are working to update our English information soon. The general operation between the 1440S+ is 1440R is unchanged. The improvements made in the 1440R are mainly improvements in the area of vehicle door lock signal learning.

The problem is I would need a professional installer in the san francisco bay area and am concerned about ongoing service. do you have any suggestions. thanks, g.

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