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film not sticking

Guest alphatinter

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Guest alphatinter

I just tinted a 99 plym grand caravan rear 4 windows, it was cool took 4 1/2 - 5hrs, did heatshrink for the first time, messed up the first two times, but got the hang of it. reason for post is that I put the tint on, and it does not seem to want to stick, does it take a day or so to suck out the bubbles? I pushed it out with the hardcard wraped in a cloth, but, every like 30 min, I see lil fingers comming on the side... :thumb what do you do after you lay the tint? :?

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it's not shrunk enough, Alpha

sometimes it helps when squeegeeing out the bottom,

to push straight down in the middle for the first swipe,

then push sideways to get out the slip

when you push it sideways it stretches the film a bit

if you push it out towards the middle, it will make fingers, instead of removing them

those vans aren't difficult, but they are round as hizell

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Guest alphatinter

thanks, I was doing the top, then like a n shape then trying to make lil fingers, that did not always happen, I jacked up a few times, trying to shrink a huge finger. any tips on taking on big finger, and making lil ones? I shrunk it till there were no more fingers, but when install, lil fingers, where there were none started popping up.

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I spray 'em down, and split 'em with my finger

if they get devil horns pointing out at a 45 degree angle from the finger...

look out ! that will crease or peanut up quick

try to split 'em into as many small fingers as possible

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Guest alphatinter

ya, that sucks, I was doing good, had the tint cut pimp, looking good, last BIG finger, tried to shrink it, and my finger turned in to a tree, man that sucked, had to trash that piece

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so I should do a + on all windows??? I knew for back glass you did that, I will try + next time


use a H for shrinking a + for installing on the back glass

for the rest

side to side on installing the top,

and the bottom of the + for installing the bottom

while pushing down the vertical 1st swipe on the bottom hard

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