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Pink Floyd Reunion

Guest writingfever

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Guest writingfever

I was looking for resources on the possibility of a Pink Floyd reunion

and their Live8 concert, and to save everybody else the trouble I put

all in one place...


There is a great gallery for their live8 concert together with a

number of articles and extensive biography.

Enjoy :lol6




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Guest tint rookie

what an excelent first post dude

hard to believe its been that long since ive been to a floyd show

I guess the flashbacks make it seem like it was yesterday.

god a reunion tour would be great ( and prob bring me out of retirement, even if it were just for one night)

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I don't think Mahmoud will be back to read this, he is just spammig all the music forums he can find.

Is the site spammy? (I wont visit links from first time posters)

I'm leaning toward editing the links out. :bat


:mad Right you are TD

His name is at the bottom. HIS site.

Pink Floyd does rule though, and at least they had the decency to not say we're more popular than Jesus.

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Guest writingfever

Hey guys,

Well, I don't think that counts as spam...the .now.nu company has disappeared and is for sale and that's why pinkfloyd.now.nu doesn't work anymore!!

The real link is http://writingfever.50webs.com/special/oct.html

This is for real with some great pictures for the floyds in Live8 and I can't see why everybody assumed I won't be back...It's true that I sent this message to all PINK FLOYD forums I found, but my site is about PINK FLOYD and I wanted everybody to see it........

well, Enough talk :uh

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I thought one of them went insane or something...or is this the Floyd they did a few years ago with studio musicians and one of the original members?


nah....thats roger waters the bass player/vocalist

he went solo and redid the wall

he was behind the more "radio friendly" Floyd :uh .....like Money :uh

The drummer, guitarist/vocalist, and keyboard player recorded their last studio album in the early 90's

which was some incredible work, but they did hire studio big guns to play on it.

David Gilmour is a damn fine guitarist, .........and stretches out on a few songs

The founding dude Syd Barrett went Schitzo and got committed in the 70's

He penned the earlier and more obscure Floyd albums

The chemicals pickeled his grey matter though, and the remainig details are sketchy at best

here is the latest photo of Syd :uh


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