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Did my first flat glass job of the year

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I have had people telling me for years to get into flat glass more. I average about two jobs per year, and they are normally just a pair of patio doors or something small.

I did this condo job yesterday. It was over 150 square feet and a lot of ladder work. I would've made the same amount of cash if I would've done cars for the same amount of time it took me to do this one, but I am sure I will get quicker.

When I first started tinting, in '89, I did a 2000 sq. ft. job at a furniture store. I had two employees helping me on that one. This one I did alone, and a little nervous without a second set of hands, but it went well... except for the wind outside. I had to cut the film off the roll inside my truck, which took care of the wind problem.

Minus the ladder work, it was a lot less stressful on my body than cars, that's for sure. I know it's not a big deal you here, but I wanted to share... it was an acheivement for me, only doing cars for years. And, I didn't even wreck her white carpeting.

These pics are of the east side, I also did some glass on the south side.



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No. I cut the film off the roll in the truck. I tried doing it on a portable table off of the tailgate... but ended up moving into the truck.

I would've cut the film off the roll to approximate size at my shop, but the customer had added a bunch of windows from my original quote that I didn't have sizes for... so I just cut it all off the roll on location.

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Thanks. I need more of this work to get more efficient. I did have a small bit of contam, and I sliced my thumb pretty good on that 6" scraper blade... just put a new blade in and barely touched the top of my thumb to it... didn't even have to slide across it to slice the skin!

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