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Is this normal on Acura Vehicles

Guest Jawbone

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Guest Jawbone

Hello everyone. First time posting. I need some advise. I have 2 cars. An Acura 2005 TL and a 1993 Integra 2 door hatch. My problem is. I had both cars tinted all around. I noticed that on both cars when viewing the rear view mirrors I see the cars headlight behind me refracting to each defroster lines? Is this normal? Do you think it could be the tint the installer used? It's very annoying to me. Is there any suggestions or is this something I have to get used to? Any response would be greatly appreciated. :lol6

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yes its normal to have some distortion arround the defroster lines,

the lines are raised slightly from the glass, and the tint will not lay down flat arroudn the slight corners, that the defrosters create.

so it leaves you with a small angle and that is what causes the distortion.

after the tint drys out completly, you could push you finger allong the lines and it might go away some but not all the way.

after a couple of weeks you probably wont notice it anymore, itll just blend in to you.

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Guest Jawbone

What do you see when you look at your rearview mirror? Do you see the headlights as if you were looking at a non tinted back window but only darker or you see the same distortion as I do. I dont know. It doesnt seem right to me. I hope within time it will look better.

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it will probably be a slightly distorted view arround the defroster lines, due to the angle of tint going up and over the defroster line.

the only other thing I can think of is if the installer used solar gard film, its a nice film but can sometimes, depending on the series of film, have an orange peal look to it, most noticed through the back glass because of the defrosters will cause you to focus on the glass instead of through it.

do you know what kind of tint was installed?

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