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Need some input

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Hey peeps id like to bounce an idea off you .

First a little back ground: I am a one man operation but in the busy season my wife comes in to help out. in the summer my daughter comes in too (she is 11)

I do tint (hand cut auto) and ppf (kits) mainly and also paint work.

this year I want to increase the tint and ppf and farm the paint work out to a sub.

Im considering a cutting program for ppf mainly and tint too.

In your opinions what is the best setup and value out there?

I have already gone the employee route and it aint my bag.

Do you think the cutting program is really going to help my bottom line?

Can I really get more work done in a day?

I posted this in here because I need some brutal honesty on the different programs out there and I respect your opinions.

Thanks doods and doodettes :dunno

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as far a plotters I highly recomend graphtec.

I have use rolland and its a close second, and omega 100 from beckart, and that would be third on the list

as far as programs the only 2 I have used is computer cut, and tint tek.

The tint tek I think has better tint patterns, but less options for cutting, you cant place the objects where you want, they say a new program is comming but I have yet to see it.

the computercut is a nice program, but more expensive,

I am a one man operation, and the biggest advantage I have seen is instead of 3-5 sizes of film in each shade, I only have 40" rolls,

its a little faster then by hand, but I like having a little extra time to smart off on tintdude :thumb

also you can offer graphics and lettering with the computer system.

if you have the $$ to spend its a good investment, if your struggling, dont spend it. :dunno

now how do you pull the mirror off the new fords?

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now how do you pull the mirror off the new fords?


:thumb sorry

thanks for the input.

I have a cutter already,just need the program.

I have called tint tek twice and they promise to call me back within minutes but I still havent heard from them. :spit

Anyone else?

opinions please :dunno

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as far as being a one man show I think that the computer system would help you out greatly, you know how to do everything else by hand if a car comes in thats not in the program and I think it will save you time, and being a one man show time is everything. If all you have to do is get the program then definatly do it. And yes you can expand your business to letters and graphics aswell.

Alot of tinters dont like the computer cut systems but I dont think it is a bad idea, when the car gets there you can cut the patterns while talking to the customer or another customer and then all you have to do it go out and slap the tint on.

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as you know...I've got computercut. I love it. pleased with the patterns but I did lose a job the other day. they didn't have a pattern available for a 2006 Pontiac Solstice. I referred him to a buddy here that uses exxxpel. they had a great looking pattern for the solstice with pilars, door edges and rear bumper too. my buddy said this is the norm for exxpel patterns. you might check into them. as much as I h@te to say it. those guys pissed me off here in the ppf forum. :thumbdown

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