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ok..im going to post this tip again

Guest tintgod

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Guest tintgod

I'm posting this becuz I thing it will help out some of the newbies on here

take one pieces of scotch tape ..roll one end over on to itself (sticky side to sticky side)..then take another and do the same.

now..make a "T" out of the two pieces(applying the two sticky sides together..like so


now..with your film applied to your peeler...lift the top edge corner of your film up and dry the back side of the film...and the peeler area ..and apply the "T" to the back of your film.(sticky side to the film).I should look like this


now do the same along the top...like this if you are doing a door window as shown


then...after all the "T"s are on there...take one more piece of tape and fold it like you did the others(only one end) and apply it to the corner of the film on top of the "T" and then pull down on the piece to peel the liner off the tint



after you peel the liner and wet your film..peel the "t" off the peeler with the film attatch..not touching the film and just the tape.

this will help you with not touching the adhesive side of the film and thus less chance of contamination

hope this helps some of you new guys :thumb

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Guest tintgod

this also helps with keeping the film on the peeler as you peel the liner off..being that the tape is stuck to the film and your peeler ..holding in on the peeler..until you are ready to to peel the "T"s off ...and using the tape to peel the liner off helps with not messing up the corners of your tint trying to seperate the liner from the film

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Guest tintgod

this was mainly posted for the rookies out there... I dont do this all the time...but this tech. is how I was taught do it when I first learned how to tint..and I know it helped me out a lot back then from getting finger prints on the film ..that some of the new guys in tinting may be haveing trouble with..

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Guest MidcoastMW

damn......good tip!!! That will help me alot, right now I just spray my table with water(its glass) and lay the cut film on it and let it naturally 'anchor' itself. Then I take 2-peices of scotch tape to seperate the liner. But....then I have to grab the tint with my fingers....I try to just get a fingernail on the adheisive side.

Great tip, thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ill deffinatly try this out!! :inot :inot

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