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Installed CD changer, no more AM radio?

Guest Foogoo

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Hello, I recently installed a CD changer in an aftermarket headunit of my Camry and the AM band doesn't work anymore. The changer is using an FM modulator. Any ideas?


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Guest f4imatt

Make sure you are shutting off the changer when you are listening to the radio. typically when you use a fm modulator you do lose a significant amount of radio reception especially am. does your radio have factory changer capabilites? if so you may be able to find a direct connect adaptor from pac or periferal.

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Guest fredstinting

if you use fm modulator to send your cd sound to your factory radio and you dial in a station on 88.3 or 89.3 or what ever it is your am with never work

the fm modulator blocks the am signal

need to add a toggle switch to the fm modulators power so when your not listening to cd changer on 88.3 or what the fm station number is you turn off the switch and your am station work again

have question email me at fredstinting@yahoo.com

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