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Certified Flat Glass Training

Guest LindsayTint

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Guest LindsayTint

So has everyone here attended a Flat Glass Certificate training course or is it something you learn thru on the job training? The reason I ask is that I am a pretty smart common sense type of guy who likes to educate myself. Like I have mentioned in prior posts, I have experience with Auto tinting and flat glass tinting application and do it with ease. I can honestly say I have educated myself on the basics when it comes to proper film to glass compatability but am woried about maybe making a mistake someday and apply the wrong type of tint to a residential window and having the customer call me back telling me thier $5,000 worth of windows are all blown....I know thats the worst case senerio but I still worry since I am just officially starting my own flat glass biz. I know that reflective tint with the asorbption less than 50 will be okay and never go really dark with non reflective. I pretty much like working with Solar Gard 20% silver reflective and that will prob be the tint I push the most and it seems the homeowner is always looking for my opinion on what to use. So am I pretty safe with using 20% reflective films on all double pain residential windows including sliding doors? I live in columbus where we have 80-90 degree summers with alot of direct sunlight and 10-30 degree winters. Thanks guys and any info will be appreciated. Jim

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Certification is overated IMHO it's window film not brain surgery :twocents

Some here are and recommend certification. Speaking ONLY for myself I am not and don't see it as necessary. The manufacturer or distributor of whatever film you use should provide you with specific information for film to glass applications and guidance for special situations you might encounter doing flatty.

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If you are as hungry for knowledge as you say, I would recommend getting some sort of training to bring yourself up to date with whats going on.

It's not rocket science, but, you can screw up if you are not farmiliar with your product.

I would encourage continuing education, no matter what trade you are in. :twocents

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I think you have to be certified to last in this business as long as I have. :spit:lol2

I don't have one certificate to my name and my feelings are the same as Tint and PM.

For us downunder, I believe it to be a money making activity for the association that is already cash strapped and not many tinters I know are members of it because it has no balls to enforce policies.

So I guess for me I'll just add another 13 flat glass panes tomorrow to my already half a million I reckon I've racked up.

Devil :lol2

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Guest Tintbds

:spit Interesting question.

I gave a $700.00 job to a friend of mind the job took him 4.30 hours and I gave him all the tool and film to tint the windows on a building. His first time after little training from yours truly. and he got paid. :lol2 it's not that hard for flat glass. :lol2

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Despite the nay sayers... electricians, plumbers, doctors, lawyers, etc. all need some kind of 'industry wide standard' they must meet before being considered legitimate for the trade or profession... why not window film installers?

It would go far to boost the image of this industry and as always, give a newcomer a jump start to learned information pertinent to succeeding rather than blindly bolting out of the gate.

Old timers like myself didn't have the option of taking a course and being awarded a certificate indicating success at one milestone in a journey to become recognized as knowledgeable. Today, these are available.

Though I don't need them... I have taken and successfully passed the IWFA Solar Specialist, Automotive, and Safety & Security Film tests.

The certificates, when seen by someone new or outside the industry hanging on the training center wall, give a degree of comfort in knowing and credibility that the name on them has background in the industry he represents.

Many contract jobs today for Safety Film ask to show recognition of competence by the mfg. of the person bidding the job.

If we all want the hacks out... make this concept happen and work throughout the entire industry, then see and reap the benefits.

Please don't say it's not rocket science... the DIY lurker will only feed on this statement as well as those who think they can just jump in and begin making money. :spit

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