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Viper 600 Alarm Help

Guest dgilfillen

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Guest dgilfillen


I just bought a 1994 K2500 Chevy Pickup Truck that has a Viper 600 alarm with remote start. The alarm came with 2 remotes. One works and one does not. I assume it is just a battery replacement, but does the remote need to be reprogrammed after changing the battery? The FCC ID on the back of the remote is EZSDE1467.

Also, the previous owner said he was walking out of the bank one day, and the truck was running and he did not start it, so he "took it to the place it was installed and had them disconnect the remote start." Does anyone know they "typical" way this would be done so I can turn that function back on... or do I have to retrace all the wiring?

Finally, I do have the user manual for the Viper 600, and I downloaded the install manual online. Are there any other manuals I might need? The truck currently locks about 3 seconds after the ignition switch is turned on. I read the installation a little closer, and I think I see how to make the ignition switch not lock the doors (Pages 29-32). I am not getting a "chirp" from the alarm horn, so I am not sure it is even hooked up! How can I test this?

If anyone else has answers to the other questions, I appreciate it. Also, I have a toggle switch for the Program/Valet switch. How can I easily tell which way is "On" and which is "Off" without taking the dash apart to get to the back contacts of the switch? Is there an LED or something at the control module? Or I guess I can remove the connector at the module and test for continuity there.


I went out and verified that my system enters "Valet" mode manually by having the toggle switch facing toward me, so I assume the Valet Switch is ON in this direction. So it is OFF facing away from me.

Also, I was able to arm the system, and heard the alarm chirp, so I know the alarm siren is working.

Having done this, I did what the manual said:

1.) Open door

2.) Turn ignition on, then back off.

3.) Flip Valet switch to on and HOLD (it is a maintained toggle switch, so it stays "Held."

4.) After three seconds, the alarm is supposed to chirp once, indicating that the alarm has entered Basic Features Menu #1.

At this point, the alarm does not chirp.

Any suggestions?




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1. You shouldn't have to re-program your remote to work with your vehicle after only changing the batteries. That should be covered in your user's manual.

2. When I disable a remote starter for someone, I usually just remove the high current (30A) fuses in the main power wires to the unit. They may have done that differently if they are the same wires powering the alarm. Another option is to just cut and tape off the ignition, accessory, and start wires for the remote starter.

3. If that's the only unit that your vehicle has installed in it, than you shouldn't need any other manuals but those two. Maybe you should get a wire diagram/color chart for your specific vehicle.

4. I don't install those exact units, nor do I do a lot of alarm work (only remote starters), so I can't answer your last question.

Good luck.

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