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Got Salt?

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So I installed some rims on my girlfriends new car. With it being winter and all salty here in Chicagoland I usually wash these rims everyday but some guy at the warehouse I bought them from said to spray the rims with Wd40 to help keep salt from rusting wheels. Anyone ever heard of this I would think that WD40 would stain the rims. :please

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Guest MidcoastMW

hmmmm intersting. Ive never heard that myself. I too, live in the chicagoland area, and my best advice is simply dont drive those rims in the winter. Keep the stockers on. I never ryde my chrome in the winter. Salt is a terrible terrible thing.

If you MUST drive the chrome in the winter, keep them polished!!! I cant stress this enough, this will provide a protective coating. You can even put a coat or two of regular auto wax on them as well.

Keep washing them like you are, and make sure to wash the INSIDE too. If its a closed design and hard to get back there with your hand, at least spray the hose water in there from the underside to flush it out.

If you spray them down everyday tho, you should be fine.

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Guest ShadyKat

I?m down here in Florida and we have both sand and salt and I have never heard of using wd40 to protect rims before. But wd40 is good for a number of things that aren?t necessarily listed on the can? so maybe. If I was to try it I would spray them regularly and keep a close eye them to be on the safe side. :twocents

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Yes, I've done it on my JEEP for years, we drive on the beach a lot in the summer.

It will not stain and helps repel moisture and corrosion.

Great tip! :twocents Works Great!!



the only time I have seen it stain is on the unprotected aluminum rims from the early 90s

if you dont want to use wd-40 you need to keep a heavy coat of wax on the rims, personally I think the spray is easier.

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Guest Stratusrtrida

Yea, I have an 89' Mustang GT and every winter I hose my rims down with some WD-40. Even though the car is in the garage, it coats them and protects the rims from the moisture.

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Guest MidcoastMW

WD is also a great degreaser. Alotta times at work(machine shop, not tint) if I have old tape residue or sticker adhesive residue thats giveing problems commin off.....spray a lil WD, and boom, gone. I bet WD would take tint adhesive right off as well, but I wouldnt be sprayin it on someones back glass!!!! :twocents

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