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newbie here from uk

Guest k-tintz

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Guest k-tintz

hi everyone, found your site today looking for hint and tips. a very good site it is.

I'm from nottinghamshire england.

I've been tinting my friends and family cars now for a bout 2-3 years and was thinking of doing it as a side job for the weekends (moible) to start off with. I did think I was quite good till I started reading some of these threads, lol. compared to you lot I may aswell only been tinting a week!!! any advise on tools and general tips?

I'm confident with the sides of cars no probs, and I'm just about mastering the shrinking skill on the rear windows, my main problem is the dot matrix. on uk cars its only a narrow band all round so its not like what you seem to have in america. any tips on this? I'm not keen on the sanding idea.

I also must seem extreamly slow as it takes me about 5-6 hours to do a car. how the hell do you lot go so fast?

any help and advise much appreciated!!!!


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Guest Stratusrtrida

welcome aboard...I was in London, England last March visiting my g/f when she was studying abroad. ...Nice Country, I want to go back soon....Anyways, good luck!

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Guest k-tintz

thanks everyone!

I did an a4 estate yesterday, never again.

I could realy do with going on a course just so I could learn the quicker easier ways of doing things. next thing when I get some spare cash.

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Guest k-tintz
I like the A4 estates - a nice car to do once you have them sussed.

Are you pulling panels??

Welcome along



I'm still quite new to the tinting scene. so only really know the basics at the min. the sides where a breeze and fitted in no time, its the back. I had a real hard time wet shrinking with H. like I say I dont really know many methods or tricks.

how you "pull panels"?

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Guest naughtydog

Dont worry about small dotmatrix, afetr a few days you can push it down, I sand some of them (saxo's mainly) and then glue them...all the rest, I just explain it properly to the customer.


pull panels - this means - did you remove the door panels to tint it.

I use the soap method to shrink those - you could do it with powder all the same

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