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Subwoofer Question

Guest Evanjl

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Wondering if the RMS on a subwoofer matters that much or not

I am looking at the Boss Ripper RIP108 for my car and the RMS is 300w and peak is 600w but I will only by putting 200 watts into the speaker

Is this going to greaty hinder my sound quality or anything like that?

Also is the Boss Ripper RIP108 a good sub for the price?

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Guest nautiboi73
Root Mean Square or the square root of the arithmetic mean (average) of the square's set of values. A reasonably accurate method of describing an amplifier's power output.

IT is the level that the speaker can play at constanly.

the peak power is an eggageration, which mean that your speaker can get the this level for a very short period of time. thay put this on the amp and speaker to make the comsumer think that they are getting more than they are.

IMO don't pay any attention to the peak power of any audio equipment. Only match up the RMs, for the best results, since you will never get to and hold teh peak power on things anyway.

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when they say its a 1000 watt sony for exzample thier 1000 watt amp only pushes like mabe 700 if that so dont always go by the rating they give you unless like what cadillacstars said you have to buy good stuff and spend alot to get a good out put

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You want to try to match your amp output to the RMS of your subs as close as you can. You'll be fine with what you got, a sligly bigger amp will sound alot better.

DEI makes very good amps & subs for the budget shopper, you can't go wrong with them. My good buddy who is the installation manager at ABC Wherehouse of 9 years sells DEI and has told me he's very impressed with thier equipment.

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Guest scotttint999

first off the boss ripper 108 is an 8ohm driver if you want to get full power and are running a 200 watt amp get the ripper 104 and bridge the amplifier

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Guest kflemin9

also think about this : most amps are rated at certain voltages , usually 14.4 VDC, which is often unobtainable by the average vehicle and they do this so the power output seems greater than it actually is. if they give you the output at 11 VDC that is a more realistic value of the amps actual output potential.

:rollin sub and amp of same brand are often better suited bc most co.s have done research on their subs with their own amps and vise versa.. just my preference.

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