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Hey TD.

Guest Key West

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Guest Key West

I know that you have the BEST forum on the net, and it takes up all of your time just to administer, (Do you still have time to tint?) But I have a question.

Have you thought about making your job more difficult by adding a forum in the "off topic" area for computer related subjects? (Yeah, Tint, I know, us non-subscribers :poke .)

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Guest Key West
there used to be a computer forum here.


What happened? lack of interest? That sux. BTW, Blade, I checked out the links for your graphics. SWEET!

I didn't know what the hood was for a minute. That is REALLY cool. I do some sculptured headliners. and door panels. Ever thought of that? Piece of cake. I'll post pics when I can. Nice set up you have there guy!!!! :poke

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