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What does a 2 bed house cost where you live?

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What does a 2 bedroom house cost where you live?

So, the wife and I want to get out of California and we are considering places to move. Right now we pay $1015.00 per month for a small, one bedroom apartment, and we figure it's time to start thinking about buying a home instead of renting.

We live in an expensive part of California, and there's no way we could afford a house here, so we are thinking about Texas, Arizona, Oregon or Washington, or some place like that (were open to suggestion) but we don't know how much houses cost there or where would be a reasonably good neighborhood.

So, if you guys could give us a ballpark estimate of how much houses cost around where you live it might give us a better idea of what we are looking at to move.

Any advice would be welcome. If you could even send a classified section from a local news paper to us, we'd be very grateful.


Thanks! :rollin

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Guest MidcoastMW

lol, but anyway. Where Im at houses are not cheap. A cozy 2 bedromm one bath, one car garage on a small lot will run you around $140,000 and up. 140 being a old azz fixer-upper. I am in the suburbs of the suburbs of Chicago tho, so you have the city effect.

But like anywhere its all relative....out where I am at there is alot of money to be made. Not to mention we get top dollor for tint work. :rollin

Good luck in your search bro!!

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A typical 1500- 1800 sq. ft. house in my area runs about 190k and up.

Real close to the beach, good schools and cool neighbors.(Mostly)

We have a 1000 sq. ft house about 25 mi. from town that we rent for 650/ mo.

As soon as I finish out the up stairs, it'll be a an almost 2000 sq. ft.

Check out the MLS Realty listings for the areas you're interested in to give you an idea of what you're in for.

MLS index

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Guest tintgod

we live in a really nice part of town.. 4 bdrm..with pool...2300 sqft

for $180,000..but we got a hell of a deal for this house though :)

if you want to consider forida.let me know..and I will send you something :angel

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