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major f'up

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tinted a jeep wrangler a week and a half ago. she called saying a qtr. glass had bubbles. stopped by for me to check it out. big azz finger (7 inches tall) in the film. I pick at the edge to pull the film and start scraping glue. the film peels right off....no glue, nothing. :hmmm

I didn't peel the liner before installation :uh the film was installed with the liner still on and stayed there for almost 2 weeks with only a finger that popped up. :lol2

I'm thinking to myself :lol how the hell did I install it without peeling the liner? well...I make most all patterns with clear liners that are left from previous cars. I must have THOUGHT I pulled the liner on the pattern when I actually pulled the liner that I used to make a template. :uh

oh man...my rookie youngling tinter was rollin' laughin' so hard. :uh

the cool thing was...no glue to scrape and I had a perfect pattern to install. :lol

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look at the big brain on Blade, :uh

I put a piece of film on a window in someone house one time and I had put it on backwards with the glue showing to the inside of the house. Dont remember how exactly I did it after I pealed the liner I guess I got confused on which side had the adhesive cause I was talking to someone at the same time. But that was like a feew weeks after I started tinting. Like a month ago. :uh

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the chick wanted to know what went wrong..."did I do something wrong...my dog rides in the back, did he do something?"

ummmmm...no everything's fine now. not sure what went wrong but I can assure you it won't happen again. :uh


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