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Matrix, anyone tried this???

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Hey, I am definitly not one to give advice but I can honestly say I found something that works on some of those pesky dots on the rear window. I read about sanding the dots on here so I bought some sandpaper and tried to sand them down, and the tint still wouldn't stick. I have recently been overrun with cars with the dots so I had the opportunity to keep trying and finally figured something out. I got a couple of those blocks made of sandpaper, not the hard plastic ones, these are used for sanding drywall mainly, the fine/medium grit ones $2.99 at your local hardware/home improvement store. Did this on 2 grand ams, a sunfire and an eclipse, worked perfect on all of them. First dry sand the dots with the block, then steel wool the dots and defrost lines lightly (all dry)them use white scrubbie with slip solution to clean entire rear window,squegee clean ,wipe rear glass clean with quality paper towel, apply rubbing alcohol to new paper towel, wipe on dots only, wait to dry, spray window down with solution, except dots, spray tint and apply. Hope this helps someone out there and I keep having success with it too. I h@te dem dots mang!!!! :nope Oh and I'm probably in the wrong place with this , SORRY...

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