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Thank You All like a mug mang.

Guest cadillacstars

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Guest cadillacstars

Thanks to all of you ladies and for the most part gentlemen :lol . The trusty "search" option (+ practice, f'up, practice, practice) has boosted my meager skills, once again. I've done some little B.S. practicing with reverse rolling in the past, but was never really confident enough to try it for real. I know its old hat for a lot of you; but, thanks to my 'lil bit of searchin' and your whole lotta postin', I got it down. Did my first back glass (RR) this evening on the dreaded Corsica. It went very well. Almost zero contamination, and no headache. Thanks again to you all for proving this site isn't just willie and TINT wavin' their dicks in the wind :spit . Anyway, thanks again for all of your knowledge. Got a 92 saturn sedan, for a friend, to try again next week...... gonna :lol it in the :spit .

TD rocks

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Guest losdawg
No offence...but who the hell tintz a Corsica these daze???...... :lol

I tired reverse rollin......  :spit  Frankie is here to stay........


for some strange reason I have done 2 of them theses past few months.... :spit

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I've always relied on the RR, that is how I learned and except for a very few, I have RR every back glass I do.

Sometimes I will RR it out on the back deck and slap it up from there.

But rarely.

Just try not to drag the liner across the glass when unrolling, it can cause contamination problems. :evilgrin

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