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Can I increase the sensitivity of my alarm?

Guest rykielz

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Guest rykielz


I have a Viper remote start alarm (791VX- I think) and I was wondering if I could make the sensitivitly of the alarm higher. I didnt install it, I had a shop do it, but the shop is 50 miles away from me.

The reason why I want to do this is because today when I went to my car I saw foot prints on my hatch, rear windshield, sun roof, front windshield and hood. It seemed like ass decided to walk on me car insted of the sidewalk. wtf is wrong with people. I bought the alarm so it will warn me when @#$% like this happens but the alarm never went off. My keys are near my bed and my car is parked under my house. I am close enough so that if my alarm goes off my remote will start beeping.

And because my neighbours have left threatening notes on my and my roomates/housemate's cars telling us to park properly. What we do is we take up 2 spots when we park so when my other house-mates come they have a place to park. We arent parking in front of their house or anything. The last note they left was "Please dont take 2 spots, or else...."

Now some of you are saying that its wrong to take up 2 spots, but if knew how hard it is to find parking around here you'd agree with me. I live in Newport Beach, we have street cleaning on atleast one street in our area each day. Some times we have to park 10 streets away because people who dont live around us park in front of our house. anyway enough of this.

Here is a diagram to show where our cars are parked in relationship to our neighbors


Neighbours house .....my house |our cars

...................................................|are parked


Is there a way to increase the sensitivity? and can I do it my self? or do I have to take it to a shop?

And I want to add the module that makes my 2 front windows and my sunroof roll up/down with my remote, how much would it be to buy them and to get them installed on average?

Cliff notes:

1. People are @#$% with my car.

2. I want to increase the sensitivity of my viper remote start pager alarm.

3. Can I do it my self?

4. Thank you.

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Do you know what kind of sensor or sensors you haved installed.If you just have the viper stinger doubleguard shosk sensor,then you just have to find where they mounted it,and turn the adjustment screw clockwise to raise the sensitivity.Only do this in small increments.Remember,adjust,arm,test,then readjust if neccessary.You don't want it to sensitive cuz any vibration in the road will cause it to trip..

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I forgot one thing.When your adjusting it,there is a red led on the sensor.If it flashes once really fast after you adjust it while your looking at it that is the warnaway.If the led stays lit for about 2 seconds,then that will be your full trigger sensitivity.The downside of that sensor is that it only has 1 screw for adjusting,so while turning up your sensitivity,how ever higher you want your warnaway to be,your actual trigger sensitivity will be extra sensitive which is why alot of peoples alarms go off if the wind blows hard enuff or a truck goes by.Here are a few other sensor options for you.Tune that one right and add a glass breakage sensor,or add a 2 stage perimiter sensor which you can adjust the field outside of your vehicle and inside.So if someone gets to close,it will give them a series of warning chirps.If they don't remove themselves,or continue into the inner field,then the full alarm will be activated.

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