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Help on Crimestopper rs999tw1 02 Blazer

Guest umpbush

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Guest umpbush

I am installing a Crimestopper RS999TW1 on a 2002 Blazer with a GMSL bypass module. I have found the Factory disarm wire(lt. green) at the purple bcm plug, but it is supposed to be reading negative and I am getting a positive 12 volt reading on this. Don't understand why because it's located exactly where the wiring diagrams are located and I don't want to hook it up with it reading positive. Any reason this is happening? Or somewhere else to look for the wire at? Hell, maybe I am just having a brain fart and not doing something right with the multimeter. Any help would be greatful and may turn a light bulb on to solve this so I can get this vehicle installed and going down the road.



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a BCM input looking for a ground pulse will usually read +12V

likewise a BCM looking for a +12 pulse will usually rest at ground.

unlike older cars that use relays, and usually rest at nothing

do you have a print on the blazer wiring?

the +12V you are reading will flash to a ground pulse on a meter

either the voltage shows a brief drop, (analog meters work better seeing pulses)

or the circuit will show continuity to ground when pulsed

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Guest umpbush

Thanks zolar. I do have the print of the wiring and I am sure it is the correct wire. I guess I was just wanting reassured. I did notice the pulsing but like you said a analog would be easier to see it. Thanks again!


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