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Where's Willie

Guest pmuzik

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I got the pix tonight

wille has humbly requested that we leave the kids out and off the www

standing house rule....offspring is spared :hmmm

he asked me to pm them to a few folks

I will send them shortly, .............I just got in

hee-hee :hmmm

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I aint no puzzy and its not rumor - I did what I said and Zo has them in his hot little hands

Please as Zo said those of you that get the kids pics respect me a little and dont post them

Now as far as my pics I dont give a chiatt :hmmm:hmmm

Now the rest of you puzzies stand up and testify :hmmm

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but yeah...it's good to put a face to the name willie.  :hmmm 

now it's time to put the face to a goat  :hmmm



now hurry up so I can defend myself - you all know I shut down early to spend at least an hour with the kids at night before they go to bed

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