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Question on Viper 160XV

Guest fishwitch44

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Guest fishwitch44

I recently had a Viper 160XV installed on my 2001 F-250..When I went got to truck the panic alarm didn't work on either of the 2 remotes so I went back in and was told if I wanted that hooked up it was $25.00 extra..I figured I could live with out it..

Yesterday I went back to the same dealer and had a Viper 160XV installed on my wifes 2006 Tauras and told them I wanted the panic alarm hooked up..When they were done I tried the panic and it worked fine..When I got in the car I noticed the other set of keys didn't have a control on the other set..I went back in and told them I was missing the other control and was told that if I wanted 2 there was an addition charge of $35.00 for the 2nd one..I explained that I just had the same unit put on last week and got 2 remotes and they said my truck didn't have a security chip in the key and that's why I got two remotes...Don't all systems come with 2 remotes???????......

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No, not all, but most. I don't personally have experience with that brand, but there explanation of why sounds hokey to me. If you got that same exact model installed, they should be the same.

Perhaps they needed that extra remote to program for a customer that lost or damaged their remote. It's much easier to 'borrow' a remote from a unit on a shelf than it is to purchase a new one.

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