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UV Test Kit

Guest vclimber

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Guest vclimber

Do you want a cheap and effective way to demonstrate how film rejects UV? I've used these things for years. Homeshows are a good place to hand them out but you can also leave them with customers, at businesses, Dermatologists, etc. Here's the basic idea, you can add to it.


1) Construction paper (Red is my favorite but navy and black work good too)

2) Window Film with UV rejection of 99% or better

3) Stapler

4) Olfa Knife

What to do:

1) Cut paper into squares (If it's 8.5x11" then divide into 4 equal squares)

2) Take a square of paper that you have cut and trim a piece of film large enough to cover 1/2 of the square

3) Staple the film to the paper to secure it (1 Staple is good enough)

How to use:

Place the card in a window that gets sun for about 3 or 4 days. Make sure the film is facing the right direction. After 3 or 4 days take the card out of the window and lift up the film to see the difference in color. It should be very apparent that the sun is doing some damage to the unprotected side while the filmed side still looks new.

You can place a label on the back that tells the customer what the kit is supposed to do and how to use it. Also put your contact info down so they can call you. :thumb

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Guest Key West

That's an excellent sales tool. I've use it many times. If you use the "Neon" colors (Hot pink, green, etc) it really works well, because they fade so quickly. Just a couple of days, rather than a couple of weeks! :thumb:thumb

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