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OMG im soo tired

Guest tint rookie

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Guest tint rookie

so for my friday (yesterday) I knocked out a R&R on an accord, two fullsize ttrucks, and a ski boat (SOB of a windshield). (keep in mind its just me, and I only do the heavy schedule one day a week, the rest of the week I cruise on a couple a day)

DEAD ARSE TIRED at the end of the day.

so I force myself through my family time, and hit the hay. after an hour of trying to fall asleep, im finally out. only to wake up every hour on the hour.

I am soo greatful to be this busy this time of year. but the sleep issue has become a nightly event.

I feel it gettin the best of me real quick.

any suggestions on how to get some more sleep?

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Valium :beer

Maybe visit your local doctor?

The sleep aid industry is becoming a multi billion dollar industry, they need your help. :lol:lol

Seriously, try watching your caffiene and sugar intake.

No sugar filled or caffiene filled drinks or food after a certain time.

And..... leave work at work! That keeps me up a lot sometimes.


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Ironically, don't drink alchohol to sleep. It will put you out initially but not all night. Do not eat a couple of hours before you go to bed either. Try not to do anything 30 before you go to bed. Maybe just listen to some music or meditate. Even a nice warm bath will help. It sounds like you are over stimulated. You need some down time before bed :beer

The Tylenol PM will help but do not make it a habit. Really bad for the liver!

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