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Instant Online Quotation System

Guest naughtydog

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Guest naughtydog

I have beeen implementing an online quotation system and it's almost finished. I just need to add the final cars into the database and fix one bug.

The customer gets a drop down list of vehicles and then enters there first and last name plus e mail address. The system send them an instant quote with some persuasive sales content and adds them into my admin system. If they dont take up the quotation within 7 days the system moves them to a follow up section, I click a button and they then recieve more information and a 10% discount offer to help them make up there mind.

It should save me time on the amount of quotes I waste time on from people who want to pay bottom dollar. The system had done 6 quotes today :-).

I run the system - the system runs the business...that's the aim

If anybody is interesed in implementing such a system for there website then PM me .


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Guest South Coast Tints

Hi all,

We have implemented an online quote system, here in the UK.

Feedback has been great to date.

Check out www.sctints.co.uk and have a tinker if you like.

I created this with relative ease as I also developed a bespoke window tinting management system, which is not just a quote system but also order processing, invoicing, payments and knowledge base.

The web quote system is simply a web front end to the quotes part of oour management software.

I'm thinking of shrink warapping this software for others to use.



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