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Guest potzy

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Its a bit short notice and just woundering if theres anyone from the midlands which could lend me a hand on the monday 20th of feb as im up at Donington park setting up a race bike and just need a pit biach for the day....nice one Stu



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so, is it pretty fast?


what a dumb question.. :lol




Youd think so wouldnt you, I was flat chat going down

hangar straight at Silverstone a few weeks back

when the new R6 foookedby me....jeeeezzzuss.... wtf ...

gota get me one of those,there that quick the french

goverment have made yamaha

restric the bike from 120 bhp to 100 bhp :lol,

im wating for the new GSXR coz its going to kick some

butt....oh and check out the on-board camera under

nose cone..... :dunno:lol:dunno il get and post some

footage at some point :drevil

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