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Can i get an estimate?

Guest TheChickenGuy

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Guest TheChickenGuy


I am sort of interested in if any of you know what the price of a tint job might cost on a car like mine. I thought I read somewhere that you guys cant psot prices but I thoghut that is for things like film etc, this is just an estimate on what it may cost.

anyway my car is a 1994 ford SPAM lx 2 door hatch

I want all the windows tinted 35% and I want that one visor tint strip also on my windshield.

with that info can any of you guys give me a price estimate? it doesnt matter if you live near me or not I just want to see what a job like mine would cost.

also, do you guys know if any shops would give liek a price estimate (quote) over the phone? or do they need to see the car upfront? I thoguht they should be able to do it over the phone since the info I can give them basically provides with what they need to do. im about to call a few places after I get out of schoool so I figure ill ask you guys these few questions before I start calling around.


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Guest darkdan

Depending on state, city, weather, experience, type of film used, and the phase of the moon:

$50 to $700.

We have no idea of knowing how much your local tinters are charging because every market is different (MN is expensive). We have no idea if they're using walmart stuff or Huper Optik. We have no idea you're going to go to the guy with 20 years experience or the h@ck shop down at the flea market.

So start out by telling us where you are and maybe one of your local tinters in on the forum.

But chances are you're still gonna have to call around.

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Guest darkdan

He lies.

Tigerstripe will do it for $42.17

I'm about three hours west of you. Considering my h@ck shop prices, even with the cost of gas, it might be a good idea to come see me.

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Yo ChickenExpress

Dude I told you I would help you, why didnt you just pm me

At least you got smart and decided to let a pro do it

We dont talk prices but a reputable tint shop with good quality fim is probably going to be in the RANGE of (I SAID RANGE) of -------

It will vary by reason, cost of product etc

one shop may be able to do it for --- while another pays more for film or has higher overhead or is just that dam good

Do not fall for the 99.00 h@ck job specials

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