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How much would you pay?

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I'm noticing that I'm not getting any younger, and maybe 10 more good years of getting into these back seats :spit

To all you guys out there that are trying to get a handle on how all this tinting biz gets done by reading about it over the net.

How much would you be willing to pay to have someone come to your shop and give hands on training for 2 weeks :spit

Would $2,000.00 do the trick :lol6

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yeah that's about right

especially if they get tools and film too

I think Ric or someone should do training as short movies.... and text with pix

and charge for it by the download, or cd


it woud be worth a good bit more for training

..........from somone with the experience you have Gus :spit


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I say no one passes on the skills, tinting window by hand becomes a lost art only found in little outcove towns not yet over run by the tinting machines :spit

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Consider the costs involved?

Travel... food... lodging... your time per hour... adds up quick! $2000 for 2 weeks? :lol2:beer

If it is an ongoing biz and you train a second guy, they supply film and tools, you might break even.

The cost of training at a film makers facility can run that for a couple of trainees, which includes lunch, breakfast (continental), tools, and all the film they can tear up or install in four days. And this is not counting what my wage breaks down to per hour.

Training in a shop with pressure to produce tinted cars for paying customers equates to the trainer works for the shop for the time they are there. If the tint from the trainees gets let out of the shop in that 2 weeks, it can lead to irreparable damage to the shops' reputation.

I can give you a number to call in Ohio belonging to a shop who paid someone to come to the shop and train... than again maybe not... let's just say, they will not be hiring an in-house trainer, again.

If you are serious about this, do it right. $2K is what you walk away with after all (reasonable)expenses are paid and the training is conducted in a focused environment (no pressure to provide for paying customers) otherwise you be cheating the trainee and tarnishing your rep in no time. :lol2

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