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Llumar Ceramic Tint

Guest Brandon-K

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Guest Brandon-K

Gotta give the typical: "first time poster, long time reader"...

I was quoted $300 today for my Subaru Legacy. The tint is 38% Llumar Ceramic tint, but I think its too high. I'd pay $300+ for Huper, but I'm really having a hard time paying that much for Llumar because I haven't heard much about it... I dont' know much about Llumar other than its a well known brand, so I'm not the least bit worried about purple, but I dont' hear nearly as much hype about it compared to Huper Optik. I also wasn't there in person when I got the quote, so I don't know how they handle dot matrix frames, etc. I assume they don't try any special techniques listed on this site.

However, I do know that the shop is respectable. They actually did my last car, but it bubbled a little around the edges (big back hatch). Not enough to bother me on that car, but I'd be up there every day with this car (I actually like this car). They do offer a lifetime warranty, so I know they'd fix it.

My question is, should I cancel my appointment? I'm gonna call the competition tomorrow and get a quote (they did my first car and it looked great), but I know they don't carry huper either. I tried asking Huper Optik where the nearest dealer was, but they never got back to me. Does anyone know any dealers near St. Louis? I'll drive a little for it... :lol

This is for all 7 windows, and they said its 38%, but it says 35 on Llumar's site.



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we don't usually post prices, so don't be alarmed if your post gets edited

that is a low price for a "ceramic"

Huper will likely run 3-4X as much on that vehicle

LLumar's premium F1 Pinnacle line

would be my choice in a "ceramic"


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LLumar is a brand name film produced by CPFilms Inc. and it does not have a 'ceramic' series automotive film in its offering.

CPFilms' FormulaOne brand name product does have the Pinnacle (PI) with 15, 35, 40, 50% visible light transmitted products available (no 38%). PI 40% is not listed on www.formulaone.com because it is not sold everywhere, just in states having laws requiring this density.

The other FormulaOne film with a 'ceramic' component is in the Ultimate series and only in Ultimate 50, but this film also has a metal component.

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Guest Brandon-K

So I just got back from picking my car up from the tint shop. I won't name names, but the basically my car is still without tint...

I dropped it off Friday night, and the guy was just closing up, let me in to drop my car off. He said the guy that took my appointment over the phone put me down for Friday not Saturday and they crossed me out as a no-show. Not a problem.

Then he said that the guy put me down for the best metallic tint and not ceramic. Glad they caught it, I would have been very upset otherwise.

Then he said that they didn't carry ceramic (the F1 Pinnacle as mentioned above), but they could get it from a near by store (this is a chain store) and have it first thing tomorrow morning. Again, not a problem for me.

Then I clarified he quoted me $300 and he said yea, it'll be $325 out the door, he printed off a receipt/quote and I signed it. I wanted to pay for it then, but had already started closing the registers so I said I'd pay when I picked it up.

Flash forward to today. I had to go to a Memorial service today, shortly after that I check my messages and they said "call us, we have questions". I call, and he said they can't do it for $300, but for $400 they can. I said, no, I signed for $300, I told him the whole story, who I talked to etc., and he said I'll call him and call you back. Over an hour later, he calls me and says "What did you decide". I said, you were checking on stuff, and then he said that he can't come down from $399. I said I'll be in shortly to pick up my car...

The other shop I called has the local Benz dealership as a client, so deals with a lot of ceramic tint, and they quoted me $500. I'm willing to pay extra just so they don't see any of my money now. I am far less than happy today, and I know they won't be getting my business again. The other thing I'm uneasy about is I got my alarm installed there so if I have problems or when I want to upgrade some features (which I do), I have to go deal with them again or lose my warranty....

Did I over react?

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The other shop I called has the local Benz dealership as a client, so deals with a lot of ceramic tint, and they quoted me $500.? I'm willing to pay extra just so they don't see any of my money now.?

Did I over react?


Nope, nothing wrong with being cautious... and feeling let down.

Sounds as though the other guy wins.

If you sense any misrepresentation, feel free to report it to LLumar...

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Guest elsoto

If you still need your car tinted, the following guy is tinting my brother's house in Saint Louis. I meet him at Sema last year and he seems respectable and knows the business.

A Plus Glass

Nick Antonovich

1320 Madison Avenue

Madison, IL 62060

Phone 618-910-0461

Fax 618-452-2077

Good luck

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