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Alpine's 7" DVD monitor vs Kenwood's

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OK... So im in the market for replacing my Alpine IVA-C800 6.5" monitor with a newer model. But... I've run into a jam.

Heres a few questions for those that can answer them.....

1.) What happened to the 4v pre-outs? Alpines new IVA-D310 has only 2v pre-outs. What gives? Why did they down grade probably one of the most important features that a head unit can have?

2.) Alpine has this PXA H701 unit that supposivly will increase the output voltage to 4v. Was this their fix to the 2v pre-outs on the IVA-D310? If I added this for another $500 (geez, now I see the catch) will it give me the save 4v quality as my IVA-800? or will it be an over rated 4v and not be as good?

3.) Does anyone know why they have their IVA-D310 in different models with additional letters at the end of the D310? Ex. D310RB, D310E, D310R. I know they sell these internationally, SO, my best guess is these are different languages. But hell.... for a unit that retails at $1400, you would think they would have an option to change language. Are the letters for marketing reasons?

4.) I've also been looking at Kenwood's model, KVT-817DVD The nice feature about this model is it has 5v pre-outs, unlike Alpines 2v, which makes a HUGE difference.

My main concern here though is the fact that I've been an Alpine person for the past 11 years and have loved EVERY unit I've owned (5). But I'm very dissapointed in the newer models. Kenwood's piece has nice specs but I'm not a fan of the looks at all and would rather go with the Alpine.

As you can tell, because of my 2v pre-output concern, I will be using amps and subs and I enjoy competing in local competitions when I can.

Does anyone know anything about these 2 units?

Thanks for your input

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