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First off I know most of you dont like BMW s but its the wife's car a 1 series only had it 2 months she wanted it so we got one , any way went to go and see family in London over weekend , have not tinted it yet been rushed off my feet in work ,so goes down to London gets there at midnight Friday night ,parks up on drive way and goes in , does not go to bed till 2am at 4 > 5 am here's loud bangs outside and some people running away gets up and could not see any thing all looks OK ,till morning we get up wife opens curtains and to her amazement our car has 5 yes 5 smashed windows all 4 doors and rear tail gate , and also some damage to rear tailgate and one door , and glass every where what a mess , so by this time my wife's auntie tells us that her sons car was done on the previous Tuesday ????? but why did she not tell us ??????? so rings the police to report this crime against our car they said that they would probably not come out as it does not take priority over other crimes like giving motorist fines for say slightly tinted front doors :thumb , so asked the anties son who have you upset and he say er no one I think not me says so go to cailm of my own insurance to get car fixed the little @#$% he is

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