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need therapy

Guest tint rookie

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Guest tint rookie

so I take a day off to finish up wrenching on the jeep. I did get the locker in there only to discover the bearings were shot too ( and they took the ring and pinion with em on the test drive. a hooker with braces couldnt give two catastrophic blows in one week like my jeep has done too me.

so I tore the whole rear end out in 3 hours this morning. with wreckless abandon. u bolt nuts froze? meet die grinder. drum brakes? pluck that chicken and figure out how to get the feathers back in later. oh all the bolts that hadnt been truned on in 20 years.

shackle bolts with bolts too long to come out as the gas tank was put in after the leaves, the head of the bolt facing in? just needed the thickness of a cutting wheel, problem solved.

so it sounded like I won right?

slide the thing out from under the jeep to drip into a 5 gal bucket while finishing up the tear down of the actual rear end itself.

lift, slip, POP. there went my back. sooo bad I had to lay on the shop floor for a few minutes. every time I tried to stand up, I almost blacked out from the pain. (keep in mind I have a HUGE pain tolerance. went to work once the day after a coaster sized 3rd degree burn on the back of my hand, only to have the blister torn off while mounting a tire. finished the day before going to the hospital).

anywho, I finished the teardown of the rear end laying on the shop floor. and its ready to go to the machine shop tommorow. (my buddies are lifting it in and out of the truck as I can barely stand)

BUT OH MY F'ING GOD!!! ive been on the sofa drinking beer, popping ibuprophin and soma since noon. I still cant walk. I had to crawl to go pee. (TOO MUCH INFO? its the pills)

I need to be able to work, im a one man show with a busy week ahead of him. I need a fix before tuesday (my monday). any one know any quick cures?

I might call the chiro tommorow... (feel like such a puss, maybe I should call the gyno)

im glad I went back and reread this b4 posting. the pills seem to be working more on my head than my back.....

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Guest tint rookie

havent gone. for the back....yet

last trip to the hospital was for the burn. years ago.

agree on the chiro though. one trip to get everything in line. then only some physical therapy after.

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ive been icing and forcing myself to stretch out. got a good pop a bit ago.  still hurts like hell. but a good sign.... I think.


dont worry mang, you'll be alright. worst thing could happen, is your back making noises when doing the deed in the future :evilgrin

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