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I am handling LluLlu Baltic decorative items sample book...






This is froested vynil films. Is it in Your sample books?


:wall Pictures of samples would help... :beer

International film coding can be slightly different from US market...

I know in US market only one deco film is Vinyl... frosted sparkle

US market Polyester deco films are:

Rice paper

NRM FS = stripes

NRM FB = bands

NRM FTL = thin lines

NRM FSD = small dots

NRM FMD = mini dots

NRM FSQ = squares

NRM MSQ = matte squares

RMS = matte silver

NRMW = white (out)

NRMM = black (out)

NRMB = frost bronze

NRM = frost


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I will post pictures tomorrow - I wil take camera.

I think it's not LluLlu, but maybe You also don't know Runcorn assortment :wall ????

ThanX a lot for You codes - seems some spy'Z created LluLlu codes :beer - I can understand nothing....But Big M also code luverZ....

By the way - PICA LULU - is it part of Your team? :beer

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