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Cutting white frost film

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Anyone know how to eliminate the whiteish knife edge cut in white frost partition films?

What I mean by this is......when you inspect the cut up real close, rather than the film sitting perfectly down 100% where it's cut, it's possible to see a proud line that can be pushed down later being PS adhesive. It is as though the blade burrs the edge ever so small.

I have tried different blades staying with Olfa Stainless, I have tried altering the blade angle to the trimmer, snapping off the blade on each cut etc. to no avail.

Any tips appreciated on this. This is very picky but it's the degree of perfection I strive all day every day. Most would never bother about it but I do. :evileye


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Guest fastlanedesigns

Any time I hang frost, I always have to beo back the next day and check the corners and edges after they have had a little time to dry. Don't know why frost is such a pain to hang, but I guess that is why I charge about a dollar more per sq ft for it. Sorry I could not be any help D :evileye

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Guest Sprinter

hav'nt noticed the edges for cuts but you do have to recheck it before you go, does'nt like to stick right away, might have a litfted part here or there. drys over night and a bear to get off the next day some tough film!

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We have had success by using a hair dryer to speed up the drying in the corners or stubborn edges and get them to lay down. It beats the h--- out of having to drive back the next day

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We've put up close to 20 thousand sq. ft. of clear frost so far this year and I've found that if you take your lil' chisler back on the edge and press hard it eliminates that lifting edge. Also break alot of tips on the old olfa, its got to be sharpe. I'm doing a custom job with frost film this last week witch calls for 5 inch strip's with 1 inch clear between in an office building so I'm charging about 20 dollars a sq. ft. I'll post some pictures later if I can figure out how.

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I might have to be a bit more specific here in description.

I've used for years only Madico's MT 200 X white which is absolutely fantastic film and I never have a problem of it lifting. It tacks up very well and dries like there is no tomorrow with a Blue Max.

But.......wherever it is cut, it is the extreme edge of no more than 1/2 of one millimetre which is tiny is where I see it has a white edge to that line.

I do use CC's tip of hard carding it which sets it down immediately and permantely but it visually bugs me that I have to do it to make it really tops.

Thanks all,

Not happy Devil.

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