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Please help squeegee

Guest fastlanedesigns

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Guest fastlanedesigns

Dear Squeegee,

Made a mistake the other day, told my wife about a thread on here. She just had to put her two cents in! Now she has her own user name and she makes me type as she dictates what to say, I am at a loss here man. She is no window tinter, but she did work as my sexetary, I mean secretary at a shop I used to manage. She is a hell of a quality control expert BTW. Anyway, 12 years of marriage and now this! Do you think I could talk TD into banning her? I mean her user name is almost the same as mine, someone might think she is ME! :evileye I would never want anyone on here to think I am an :asshat

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I feel your pain my friend. I share a household as well with a female with a short fuse and the occasional mean streak.

I've left the computer on while logged on and to date nothing bad has been said about me or by me (in my absence).

My advice is to keep the peace on the homefront so we won't have to find out about the time your wife may have caught you cross-dressing no where near Halloween date-wise.


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Guest thetintshop

my wife signed up under her own user name too. didn't take long for TD to spot her. but she promised to stay off. she just wanted to have some fun with tintterrorist.

I just praise the lord that I never have to have her as a customer. she's the definition of customer from hell. there's not one person on this board that could tint her car to her satisfaction. I have never tinted a car that she couldn't find a flaw. I swear she can find shiot that isn't there.

the way I tell if I did a really good job is I get her to inspect it, if she looks for more than 30 seconds with out pointing anything out, then I've done a damn good job.

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Guest fastlanedesigns

So do I gather from y'alls conversation that she was Roscoe? She should post if that is the case, I thought it was funny. I used to love me some Dukes of Hazzard, and Roscoe was my favorite. (Next to Daisy in her Daisies of course) :dunno

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