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the most f'ed up quote ever

Guest tint rookie

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Guest tint rookie

meet me at the dock at noon and you can give me a quote on my houseboat.


dude pulls up houseboat, corregated roof, chimney, hmph.

didnt step foot off the dock, dudes askin, how much.

well I need ta do a lil measuring.

well its goin on the outside so measure from the outside.

actually it goes on the inside, but I can measure from the outside just as well.

so im measuring, whatchu looking at man. im measuring the glass dude.

im really looking in at the chemical burnt floor, empty boxes of sudafed all over, some kinda still tray thing, the rest of the place, a slum. I was staring at a m*th lab on water.

so how much, I want the darkest tints possible.

I gotta crunch some numbers, I got some super duper new improved stuff I can get that uh uh :lol

what a day.

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Guest willie
I would have turned on my heels and burnt leather....POS.



so Devdude - your wearing high heels and leather over the pond now are yah

probably got all the Wham albums in your collection too :spit


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Guest LindsayTint

Its a good thing you didnt go inside, the fumes can kill you or do some real long-term damage to ur lungs. Those chemicals are no joke.

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