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We have been doing truck accessories here and have a couple of distributors. They only do truck and suv acc. We are looking at adding car acc. as well. We have inquired into a few companies, but they wont set us up with an account due to our competiors in the area having accounts with them. Does anybody on here do this type work, and if so, is there a distributor that you would recommend that is close to South Carolina? Close because of the time lost due to shipping times and cost. But really anywhere we could purchase items from someone with a large variety of parts. :eyebrows

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I like keystone,  they have everything from cars to trucks and even useless crap,  1-800-451-1682


Thanks, but they were the first to turn us down, there are too many shops already wholesale customers of theirs. But their line card looks like a parts store, wish we could buy from them. :eyebrows

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