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Argh broken glass!!

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Got a call today from a job I did two weeks ago.. Upper half of a double-hung has a crack in it. Film - 35%. Absorbance - 43%.

The home is 3 yrs old. The windows are Patriot, which I've been told aren't that great to begin with. No shading on the outside from what I can remember... the inside they have shades.

I'm not sure where the crack starts.. corner or middle. I'm going over tomorrow to look at it and take some pics.

This is the first time I've had this happen... Left a msg for the film rep.. haven't gotten a call back yet. They are still building homes in the complex so I spoke with the foreman and he told me who to call about getting a window, so I called them and they told me what information to get when I look at the window.

While I know this is part of the biz, I'm not exactly thrilled about it, but the customer didn't seem super mad and I've kept her up to date with who I called and whats going on.

Now, from what I've read and always been told is that the film doesn't break the glass - as long as it's within the FTG charts - but if they is a problem with the glass to begin with, it could bring it out.

Is that pretty much true??

I had a home owner in that same complex call me and they actually wanna go one shade darker - 25% because their house sits on the lake and their living room gets a ton of sun all day. There are no trees or anything as far as shading goes, and I don't recall seeing anything on the inside when I gave them the est. but now I'm a little gunshy using a darker film. The windows used in that house are JW, which I know nothing about but I'm going to guess they aren't top of the line windows either.


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if you apply the proper film, you are right...it was an imperfection in the glass otherwise every window you tinted would have cracked.  that has happened to most all of us at one time or another.

don't sweat it, being a new construction the glass breakage and seal failure warranty you provided them should pick up the tab :bingo


:krazy This new construction isn't on a golf course is it? :finger:

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No, it isn't. But it's crazy how many golf courses have homes within. I always ask if they've had windows broken by golf balls flying all over and most people say from time to time yes.

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It can happen. Even with a low absorbing film on a small window (been there - had that happen).

Installing a film approved for a given situation doesn't mean you can't experience a break. It just means your probability of it happening is low. But, as you found, it will happen sometimes.

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Went and looked at it today. I didn't have my digital camera - but I took pictures on one of those old things where you have to take the "film" to a store and wait. :thumb

The crack is about 1/4 of the way from the right lower corner and goes up almost to the top veering off to the left slightly.

The window just pops out and back in.. it's one of those tilt-in windows. So monday I'll call and order a replacement. I have all my paperwork together... of course, I don't have any of the film left, so I'll probably have to order 1/4 box... oh well.

Fortunately, they were pretty good about it all. I explained how it could have happened, etc. and they said they understand.

So now we just gotta wait for the new window to come in....


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