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Local Hack Shops


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Well as I have complained about on here before my area is pretty much whored for tinting. So everyday I have to hear how "the guy on the corner" will almost always do it for half my price and I been very poor the last couple months because I tell them to go! But as most of you old timers stated that in good time people will come to the guy who does it right, and this last week thats exacly what happened! 5 re-tints from one hack shop, all customers I warned 6+ months ago about sh***y films and 5 dollar an hour high schooler doing the work and now there tint is purple, peeling, and "whats all that glitter stuff"?. Now there $99.00 job from the guy on the corner has costed the customer quadroople that and I have won some very happy customers even though they are now broke and probably can afford another tint job for four years :lol6 . Thanks again for the advice my fellow tinters and I will most definetly stick to my prices and quality tint paper! I have plenty of pics and will post them soon for all to laugh!

:gay :lol2

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Guest zolar

well done Brotherman !!!!

the dozens of people you won back

will tell everyone about your craftsmanship

......and warn everyone about the hackks on the corner

the high road isn't an easy one at first

but it is the only road that isn't a dead end


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that's all you can do. give bad remarks or thoughts about those low charging hack shops.

all I do is just ignore those customers who tend to say "oh the guy from down the street does it for $$'

I just hang up on them. its bullshiat, we are not talking about big money here ya know, they bargain with you like your charging 500-600. its not a strain in the pocket for those seeking to tint they're windows. we are only talking about an average of 200 bucks per car mostly. so definitely there is no price control across the country because film manufacturers are selling to anyone out there. its bullshit!

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Guest dwntwn_brwn

it sucks....but sometimes customers have to learn the hard way :copcar ....but in the long run the hack shop on the corner may help you more than you think

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I love the local hack shops! I really do, because evey vehicle they screw up is another we get to fix and look that much better for, not to mention make that much more money on. So I say, :copcar to the local hacks. They not going to last long anyway.

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Got another call on yesterday this guy has a mustang and like the others is kickin himself in the arse! But to my delight he is comin in tonight to leave it with me! Thanks for all the 2 cents from the usuals if it wasnt for you tinters I would be useing a cheap film just to price match and I would be in the same boat! Like the old Mcdonalds commecials I'M LOVIN IT!!!

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