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Who pays for broken glass??

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I was going to put this on one of the other threads, but decided to make it's own.

Since this just happened with me, I'm now wondering how other places handle issues with either broken glass or seal failure when it comes to having it replaced.

Unfortunately, I never saw this side of the business when I was working at the place I used to work for. But, I do know that my x-boss was a jerk when it came to problems with windows. I *think* he would tell the people to have the window replaced and then it would be retinted, no charge. That's the only thing I ever saw - when I would do a re-tint due to a broken window being replaced. I know this one customer had a storm door break and he refused to replace it. The home owner wasn't happy and she told her friends not to use his company.

Now, I'm a much smaller outfit.. so the # of problems *should* be smaller... This one I'm dealing with now, my film rep said that I need to get 2 est. for replacement windows... I called the window company and he gave me another # to call and see if they would just replace the window at no charge. The home is less then 3 years old, and as soon as I told him the name of the development he knew right away where it was, so I'm going to guess they've had problems with the windows in the past.

Anyhoo - My mindset is that no matter what, most people will probably blame you/the tint for the problem. And to fight with them over it isn't worth the fact they could tell others not to use you.

So even if I had to pay for the window to be replaced (sans a huge paladium or something) I would just so in the customer's eyes I did right by them.

Am I wrong in thinking this way??


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If one of our customers has a broken pane and it is still under manufacturer's warranty, I take care of it.

I look at it as customer service and I then deal with getting my money from the manufacturer

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Guest vclimber

The terms and procedures of your glass and seal failure warranty should be spelled out in writting on the back of your warranty for all parties to read and understand what their obligations are and are not. There is usually a procedure to follow as well and that should also be in writing.

This is usually not a bad experience, just more of an incovenience for you and your customer. It is also a sale for the glass company and you should darn well make it clear to tham that you are their customer as you will be the one reimbursing the cost of the replacement and then your film distributor will reimburse you. So just as you would not bite the hand that feeds you, so to your glass company should not go blaming this problem on you. If they do, it is time to call another company for a quote. :evilgrin

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Guest tintchick

I have a glass guy who takes care of them for me as long as they're covered under manufacters warranty still and then I work it out with the manufactuer

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Guest willie

well said you other 3

Roach I think your have a good head on your shoulders to think this way. Although it can suck at times the customer is always right. They can do you way more harm in the long run. :evilgrin

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