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Irritating customer

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Guy come in with a beat up Mercedes with wheels that cost more than the car. He failed inspection because there was film on the front doors and the rear break light wasn't cut out.

First thing this jigga says is CAN YOU CHANGE MY OIL TO. I say no sir we just tint cars here. He says COM ON MAN HOOK A BROTHA UP. Then he proceeds to try to talk to SloTint into changing the oil in his car. SlowTint says dude this ain't no Jiffy Lube. Meanwhile the guy is really loud and talks so fast that he can't hear the answers he is givin.

He had cut out his own break light and hacked it all up. So now he is asking if we can straighten it out for him (at no cost of course). All I could see was one of us taking out the breaklight he already broke because it is like 15 years old and the plastic is like dust and then telling us that we broke it.

I figured out this guy was a total hustler. They talk fast and loud trying to confuse everyone so they can walk out with free shiot.

He also wanted me to match the purple overlapped seamed tint on the rear window.


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Those are the type of people the office staff have to deal with! The office staff is my very senior, hard of hearing german mom! She can't hear half what they are saying, and doesn't bother to try, just sweetly smiles and abruptly cuts them off with something quite curt, as only a true german can. Meanwhile, I'm sitting in the back laughing at the whole exchange refusing to show my face.

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Hey Pro,

Is this something built into the American norm or what? A nutter with a dung heap comes in for tint and he wants you to change his oil? Thank heavens we don't get these strange customers downunder. As they say.....it can only happen in America! :lol6


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I had a lady ask it I could fix the door pull on the drivers panel the other day, I just said I tint winders and thats it :lol6

But one thing that amazes me is the fack that you may have a customer watchin ya, and they think they can work on the car while its being tinted (like under the hood) :lol6

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Guest powertints
The office staff is my very senior, hard of hearing german mom!

Your German?? Does your mom cook the food from the old country?? I'm German and I love old country food.

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