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It's a dam shame

Mr paladin

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We have had seven no shows this week. We were going good, two months without a no show. Today is the day I do spray- in liners which takes all day because you cant do liners and then climb inside someones car, even with paint suits. :DD So both liners for me were no shows. Got here early to get the paint booth ready, for nothing. We are thinking of making people pay a deposit for their apointment time. What do you guys think?

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your competition is scheduling appointments and fockin' with ya


Did you  give them a courtesy call MR.P?We try to call them at least a day before to remind them ,or an hour before .


bummer man...people can be so rude....

I have wondered if that was some of my no shows aswell competitiong scheduling of haveing friends schedule an appointment...

I try to give a courtsey call the night before...I have had customers say yeah I remembered only to no show the very next day...with no call or anything...mondays are my no show day cause I usually blow off calling the monday customers on sunday....

sometimes its not bad having a no show....like when you can do 3 4 dr cars in a day and you have 4 scheduled and then a couple trucks for the two front...and one of the 4 drs no show ....not all that bad....but 3 for 3....that is sick...

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I usually have 1 car left for 24 hrs ..it eliminates dead space when there is a "no show" or if I'm working a bit quicker, it gives me something t owork on...worst case senerio is I work 1 hr later at night 1/2 the car) and 1 hr earlier in the morning (the other hald)to get it done :DD

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