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Any Cricket fans on Here??

Guest Tintbds

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Guest Tintbds

:thumb There are many thing you can do with a bat and playing cricket in a key one of them.

In 2007 we the caribbean will be host world cup cricket.

And boy all the islands are spending million$$$$ in preparation.

Two weekes ago West Indies cricket team trashed Zimbaiwe.

And We are play the #3 best rated in the world India it keen competition W.I-1win Ind-1win

thre more one days before the test. :thumb:beer

I hope we Smash India. :blah

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Guest Tintbds
Cricket!!??? :)

I've tried, but I don't get it.  :dunno


:shock Its like baseball but better.

Why few month ago G.W. Bush was learning and playing the game.

11men per side

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Guest Tintbds
Wait till you come up to the Aussies TBS. :bat  :lol6



Hey Devil, we whoop :sand India today beat them by 4 wickets target 246runs.

Today was a good day. Oh boy I feel good!! :rest

Ask regards de Aussies we got a whooopping :bat:bat:bat in store for them to.

Devil de West Indies returning to greatness.

I felt for the Indias today :lol6 yeah right :lol2:blah:lol2 we whoop them. :blah:blah:blah

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Guest Tintbds
I'm more of a grasshopper! :lol6


Ok Young grasshopper in time with much chi power you can become wise, but first you must learn the ways of the CRICKET in order to be a master.

1st you must take this path for 2days, and be sure to do this :blah for 2days


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Guest Tintbds

A cricket ball cost ($90. US) :lol2

What's the cost of a dart board or darts for that matter??? :lol2

We are speaking about two differ things aren't we???


Think about the rich and famous city New York... :lol6

Then think about the not so rich but beautiful, tropical, sunny, easy going caribbean. :blah:blah


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