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soap method modification

Guest pushingfingers

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Guest pushingfingers

whats up guys. just wanted to thank mdog for the info on the soap method. however for those of you who put the wet line across the middle of the window and, up and down the sides, you dont have to do that anymore. heres how I do it

1. soap the window and let dry

2. lay the film on the window

3. cut the bottom of the window along the bottom rubber seal using the rubber as a guide

4. kick the film up to where it is covering just right

5. THEN tack the line that u would as a standard "H" NO WATER "it tacks down just right"

5. cut sides and top

6 shrink and stick

this saves me time because u dont have to get a light and hold it on the inside to cut the bottom line, especially with limo

it works good for me and I thought id let you guys know :shock

over all it saves time and film

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