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Some1 help with HEAT SHRINKING

Guest chad3113

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Guest chad3113

So I been attempting to tint my first car. I've had a few problems but nothing I couldn't figure out untill now.

I can't seem to get the heat shrinking thing down. I've tried both the dryer sheet method, and tried doing a wet shrink, and neither came out that great. Tom. I'll try the soap method and see if thats a little easier.

So my question is, do you shrink all four sides, or just anchor the middle and sides, and try to push the fingers to the middle of the window and shrink only the top and bottom? The problem I'm having is I can't get the tint to lay flat on the sides. I keep gettin about 1 inch fingers in certain spots on the sides that just will not lay down. This usually leads me to distorting the film from too much heat, as I try to get rid of these. Any suggestions guys?

BTW the car is a 2000 Mustang, and my first time tinting has been a real PITA :lol6

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Guest Tintbds

:lol6 Tinting isn't for everyone, well professional tinting that is :blah

I quess you figured that out by now.

I suggest you go by a locate tint shop and get the job done.

What you say??? :blah

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Right, so some1 is a douche and posts a smart comment, and you guys get offended by me saying something smart back...yea thats balanced.


I won't say this often....but Tintbds was right on the money :lol6 tinting isn't for everyone. there's an entire page of very helpful info here. for the inexperienced tinter that car can be difficult to do. especially the back glass.

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Guest tintgod

trial and error my friend...trial and error...just like we had to learn

we didnt have site like this wene we started out learning how to tint..we did it by practicing..and trial and error.

try giving a little respect ..and you will get it in return..and maybe some help

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