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Does it matter?

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This client in charge at my job today asked me if it mattered that he has just painted the wall 2"s away from the glass I was about to film. :lol6

What is it with these clowns and they knew I was to be in first thing this morning.

He was just putting the lid back on the can when I arrived.

Twice during the install (whilst up a small ladder), I grabbed the wall to support me from over balancing. Get what I had all over my palm? Bloody wet paint. :blah


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Devdude, have you ever thought about another line of work :spank


maybe you could be a painter :wall

only question though is how many times did the tint touch the paint.


I did pretty good keeping the liner off the paint but it was the :spank:wall is on my hand again that got me.

Definately won't be a painter Willee.


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