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Guest Soultinter

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Guest Soultinter

So, I have stripped a little tint done by my competitors lately and ALL the glue comes off with the tint, my question is if anyone can tell me if that is good or bad. My impression is that it is sh@t because the adhesive is so weak that it would fail early. It reminds me of the cheap ass fader film I used to do, it also would come off with all the adhesive still on the film. I use solarguard NR and it leaves almost all the adhesive on when stripped, strong stuff. Consequently, I think it is global film they are using which I have heard good things about from others on the board.

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Guest darkdan

When I pull off my global film it leaves behind glue.

One of Soltek's selling points is that it removes cleanly. Maybe it's Soltek.

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I love that when that happens. When I used to use SG HP all I had to do was leave the car in the sun and pull the film off along with the glue.

Now that we use L@#$%R ATR it leaves a little glue even with a steamer.

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Guest zolar

I used the Soltek fader at the last shop

I recently saw their new tinter removing

a 2 year old fader job of mine.... and got some pix

it had ZERO color shift that I could see

and pulled off with no glue left behind

I never thought any fader will hold up more than 1 season

the other gradient films fade completely out in the dyed section

leaving only light purple and the mirror section

the soltek holds up remarkably well

even in my swamp climate

I will use their novelty films again

.............if I add novelty films to the new line-up

I think it is smart to have film that will pull off with a fingernail

if it is a strange color or too dark for the meter :bingo

since most people don't like the stuff

....especially the police :evileye

this is 20% which the was legal when I installed it

and sure enough...... got a ticket under the new law

that easy removal came in handy :shock



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