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anyone watching the Delahoya fight? Hello, Tintdude. My shop was pretty busy today, man, the lettering on the back window of the truck is drawing them in...every where we go people have asked us for a card, or have called. Thats the best advertizing yet. :dunno

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Well you got your wish as for Oscar getting screwed.

I couldn't give Mosley more than 4-5 rounds tops and that's being generous.

I always thought the challenger was supposed to TAKE the title from the champion.

Hard to imagine that a guy (Mosley) with a lower connect percentage in every category, lower punch output and who was constantly being peppered with a stiff jabs, left hooks and straight rights could actually WIN this fight.

DLH landed 100+punches more than Mosley. There was some fraud going on there.

I'm a big boxing fan and have been watching boxing for many years but this decision was nearly as bad as the Tapia-Medina decision and has to rank among the worst I've seen in a long while.

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