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Question about ceramic for my new car

Guest JamesInLV

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Guest JamesInLV

Hi everyone,

I just picked up a new BMW M5 and am convinced that ceramic is the way to go. I live in Las Vegas and the heat it killer, not to mention then that I have a black leather interior to deal with. I'm all for tinting cars, but don't want to go too dark because it's just not that type of car. I've decided to go with a 30% (approx) ceramic on the sides and back, and need some advice/opinions.

I met with my local Huper Optik guy. I'm impressed with the product's heat rejection qualities, but not impressed with the clarity of the film. Even the installer here warned about it, noting that it's great for what it is but the orange-peel effect is too much for some. Even worse, I found a few notes on here and elsewhere about people getting HO film and it killed their NAVI system. Apparently, even HO's website contradicts itself, and that HO is not in fact a true ceramic but has plenty of metal in it. One guy had it installed in his Acura and completely lost his NAVI system since the receiver was under the rear deck and had lots of problems dealing with the HO on the rear window. They yanked that and replaced it with Carbon...no problems.

Next stop...my local Formula One guy to check out the Pinnacle tint. Pinnacle 35 seems like a perfect choice for my car. Clarity is good, and the specs on the film are nearly as good as the HO. I wasn't as impressed with the installers. While I know this stuff is expensive, my local shop just seemed a little too much "Walmart" and not enough "Target" if you get my meaning. I also wasn't overly impressed with the film over the HO, but it is advertised from F1 as a completely non-metal film. That is one of the most important factors for me with all the electronics in the car and a future Valentine One going in there.

Last stop...a local shop here that has an excellent reputation among everyone from Ferrari owners to basic cars, and limo companies too who do a lot of business through them. I heard they had ceramic, and so I spent a good half hour talking with the owner and have made an appointment to do Madico MAC3000 on my car. Specs look good and the clarity is great. BUT...for my big question. Is MAC (Madico Advanced Ceramic?) a true ceramic film like the Pinnacle (I.e. no metal)?

Does anyone here have any experience or opinions on the MAC film? It just seems so new that I can't find anything about it from anyone other than my local shop and one other tint guy who said it was still in testing phases and Madico hasn't officially settled on the ply # and thickness yet for it to be sold at this time. I appreciate any help and advice you can offer. I'm willing to go with F1 Pinnacle if the consensus is that it's my best bet, but I trust the guys at my "local shop" here to do the best quality install and I'm under the impression that MAC may be one of the best auto ceramics out there yet.



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Guest zolar

you have said everything about the

silver nitrile plasma deposition infra-red absorbing spectrally selective components

but what kind of car are you trying to tint :DD

Mr. Madicow please don't post redundant sales pitches about Big Mac

under the guise of a consumer

if you want to sell Madcow technology

come in through the front door and introduce yourself

and participate in the forum a while

and truthfully represent yourself

the "looking for Big Mac" won't fly here


if you are indeed a customer

you are equipped with far more than enough knowledge

to make an educated decision about your film

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