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Stupid Criminals

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A few weeks ago, we noticed pry marks on our front office door at the shop. Whoever it was didn't get in, or even damage anything, just left some marks on the door.

This morning, there were more pry marks. This time they tried to get into the same door, broke the large piece of glass, but still didn't get in. I used this door as a display with four different shades of grey film on it to help customers choose a shade. The film actually helped by holding the glass in the frame and together. I mean, this door is locked with a little slide-lock that you used to see on screen doors. Duh!

I don't know what they are trying to get in there. We don't leave any cash there overnight. I suppose they could be trying for tools, but the expensive tools (except for the electrical computerized tools) would be too large and heavy to get away with. We have a couple of motorcycles there, but I don't think they would get away with them too quickly either. Maybe they are trying to steal film. I can see it now... a totally inexperienced ahole with high quality film trying to make a buck.

The insurance deductible is too high to even bother claiming it. We just have to replace the glass. I will be adding a motion light to the front of the office now.

What the F***! Get a frickin' job people! The local cops said that there isn't much they can do. I just get so upset when thinking about the low life scum out there who would rather benefit from our hard work, instead of working themselves. :rollin

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Guest Shady

We have some low lifes in our area too. We had our door kicked in a few years back and besides making a mess they only nicked a prehistoric fax machine? We now have cctv in operation like next door, however they have still been done twice! :DD

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Guest vclimber

We had someone break in through an upper window and drop down 15ft to the floor to get in. It wasn't the drop that got him, it was the landing... right onto a pallet full of sprockets! :DD

All the cops had to do is follow the blood trail down the street and they picked him up. :DD

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Guest ninjatinter

Shelly!! how ya heen? That sux you got some hoods up in there!! Camp out inside on like a Saturday night with a potato gun!!!! Or put sprockets all over the place like VC Climber!!! Bwahahahahaha good story!! :DD

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Guest Key West


Don't be so sure about the tools taking too long to get away with. Several years ago, during a slow period, we were all in the office, both bay doors open of course, and in about 1\2 an hour someone made off with about 10,000 in snap-on tools and the rollaway toolbox! we did'nt see or hear shiot. :lol Thieves suck, but it REAALLY sux when someone steals from someone working hard for what they have. :dunno

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